07/19/1999 - 02/05/2012

Bernie was one of the most well mannered, smartest, prettiest, loving, and obedient dog that every came into my life.  The blessings he brought to me during some of the roughest times I had in my life are immeasurable!!!

Thank You God for Sending Me Bernie!

I took him everywhere with me - especially after my daughter (Alisha) left for college. He and I hunted fugitives for 5 years. He had the Nick Name of "Sgt Bernard and Bounty Dog".

He was such a loving dog. When I would make a bounty catch he would want to lay and sleep on the lap of the prisoner... He was just full of love! Only God could have sent him to us...

I placed this Picture (Flyer) in his grave with a tag Alisha bought for him when he was young.  The tag reads "Bernie McGuire - If Found Please Call 1-800-920-2050". I am keeping the 1-800 number, who knows maybe I will receive a call telling me he is in HEAVEN...

FTR, I don't need that call I know God has taken him home!!! 

Again, Thank You God For Placing Bernie In Our Life!