White Slavery "The Forgotten Slaves"

My Irish Ancestry


James McGuire (8th Great Grandfather)
Born: 1620
Born: Fermanagh, Ireland
Wife: Cecillea McManama
Born: 1623
Born: Fermanagh, Ireland


Constantine McGuire (7th Great Grandfather)
Born: 1661
Fermanagh, Ireland
Wife: Julia McEllicot
Born: UNK


John McGuire (6th Great Grandfather)
Abt -1707
Born: Dublin, Ireland
Wife: Catherine Mary
Born: Dublin, Ireland


James Felix McGuire, Sr (5th Great Grandfather)
Abt -1734
Born: Dublin, Ireland
Wife: Margert Elizabeth Black
Abt -1736
Lt. James Felix McGuire, KY Malitia, Died at Battle Of Blue Licks. Fought Along Side Lt Col Daniel Boone and Other Notable Americans


Link to Battle Info:


1. History (battleofbluelicks.org) 


2. Battle of Blue Licks - Wikipedia 


3. KY National Guard History


Link to Lt. James Felix McGuire and his contribution: 


New Mexican Roots - New England Roots James Felix McGuire (cybergata.com)



Photos Of Blue Licks Battle Field Mounment:


John McGuire (4th Great Grandfather)
Abt -1765
Born: Dublin, IrelandWife: Nancy Holder
Abt -1760
Born: Dublin, Ireland


James McGuire, Sr (3rd Great Grandfather)
Abt -1780
Wife: Sarah Coffee


William C. McGuire (2nd Great Grandfather)
Abt -1832
Wife: Elizabeth (Last Unknown) Abt -1836


Ambrose M. McGuire (1st Great Grandfather)
DOB: 11 Aug 1859
Born: Magoffin County, KY
1st Wife: Sarah Emily Vicars
2nd Wife: Josephine Veckers McGuire
3rd Wife: EstaLene McGuire
Great Grandfather Married 3 Times (out lived two of his wives)
Known Children: Fred, John, James, Don, George, Ralph, Charles, Zackary, Homer, Mack, Minnie, Ruth, Jessie, Faye, Nellie 

* Some say many more children :)


Zachary McGuire (My Grandfather)
Wife: Beulah Warnick (My Grandmother)
Children: Herbert Mason McGuire and Edna McGuire-Adams


Herbert Mason McGuire (My Father)
Wife: Gertrude M. Caldwell (My Mother)
Children (My Siblings): Nancy, Vernon Lee, Shirley Ann, Dixie Mae, Stanley, Vera Kathryn, Herbert Charles, Blanche Aurrella, Darrell Wayne, Anita Irene, Galen Russell







White Slavery "The Forgotten Slaves"