2009 AAU Nationals 


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Ahn's Classic 2009


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On behalf of the World Jidokwan Federation we encourage those of Jidokwan background to continue teaching the History of Jidokwan and it's contributions to Modern Taekwondo.


The basic goal is to see that the History of Jidokwan is not lost to future generations. 


"We All Excel Through Knowledge".

Jidokwan translated means "The Way of Knowledge (Wisdom).

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The WJDKF is an Independent Martial Arts Federation and was founded in an effort to continue promoting the "History of Jidokwan and it's contribution to Modern Taekwondo."

World Jidokwan Federation 1998 - Present


We do not issue Black Belt Certificates; however, we will attempt to be a path to Kukkiwon and The World Jidokwan Taekwondo Society, Korea. All Jidokwan applicants must show Jidokwan Linkage (no exceptions). The WJDKF is not a shopping place for certificates to paste on a wall.

Sincerely; Master Herb McGuire